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  • VOSOT: Voice Over/Sound on Tape

    This comedy about a South Texas local news station shows the inner workings of a small town station.  Following a cameraman, the film turns the camera on those who are normally behind the camera.  Learn about how the broadcast you watch every night is put together, meet the insane personalities that put the stories together.

  • Heroic Journey of the Gay Man

    The winner of the South Texas Underground Film Festival's Revolution Challenge and the Right Stuff Award at the South Texas Underground Film Festival.  Jade Esteban Estrada stars as Nick, a man who is learning about his own sexuality.  Hosted by Craig Rainey, the short is presented in the format of an English class presentation.

  • The Loons

    This musical comedy starring Jade Esteban Estrada was the competition piece for the South Texas Underground Film Festival's 72 hour film competition.  The film won Best Music, Best Director and Runner-Up for Best Film

  • Not So Sane Man's Guide to the Multiverse

    This web series produced under the banner of Ponderous Productions is the entertainment company's namesake.  Starring Bradley Bates, Aisha Love, Sergio Cantu and Ernest Martinez, this series is a suspenseful and dark mixture of comedy and mystery

  • The Specialists

      When a criminal mastermind brings together seven beautiful and skilled women to pull off the perfect museum heist, things go from bad to worse when he realizes that while these women are talented, they all have particular traits that could throw the job into jeopardy.

  • Element 13

    Competition piece for the 2013 STUF 48cc film competition. Element: Aluminum. A woman is set on a path to the ultimate discovery when she is introduced to Element 13, a mysterious element that allows you

     to see all possible outcomes of choices made.

  • The Green Conspiracy

    In the year 2022, the Corporations and the Government are one. The Corporate States of America, in an attempt to control greenhouse gas emissions has instituted the Green Lottery, a program in which citizens are selected at random and executed by assassins known as "Green Agents."

  • Good, Blind and the Maniacal

    In 2011, Ponderous Productions won the MaxSell Filmmaker Challenge.  This year, Not So Sane kept with the Maniac theme and entered this film into the competition.  This time, with Jamye Cox as the Maniac and Marshall Burns as the blind sidekick, Not So Sane lives up to its name once again!

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© 2012-2013 Not So Sane Entertainment.  All Rights Reserved.

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